Fracking protests intensify as fears of ban lift mount

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VideoAbout 600 protestors descended on WA's parliament in October calling for a statewide ban on fracking.

Conservationists have ramped up the campaign against fracking as fears mount the State Government is preparing to lift a moratorium on the practice in WA.

Protesters took to the steps of State Parliament on Monday night in a last-minute stand urging the State Government to permanently ban fracking in WA.

Simultaneous demonstrations were hosted in Broome, Exmouth and Geraldton.

The Sunday Times revealed last weekend Labor insiders were “almost certain” the State Government would maintain the ban on fracking in the Perth, Peel and South West region, but would lift the ban covering the rest of the state.

It is understood the scientific report into the gas extraction technique has found with the right regulation in place, it could be done safely. Industry and some traditional owners have claimed fracking would provide substantial job opportunities.

Any move to allow fracking in the Mid and North West would be at odds with several Labor backbenchers who represent electorates in those regions, as well as environment and traditional owner groups.

Labor member for Mining and Pastoral Kyle McGinn told the Times lifting a ban in some areas and maintaining it in others would be unfair and risk segregating traditional owners.

The State Government has said it hoped to release the report to the public before Christmas.

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