Sharp reminder on glass on the beach

Robert DoughertyBroome Advertiser

Littering in Broome has become a “critical issue”, according to a Gold Coast traveller who recently collected more than 5kg of broken glass at a local beach.

Martin Trama gathered the haul during four days of daily walks along 400m of Town Beach from October 30 to November 2.

Mr Trama said he had collected a variety of glass that could injure people and the environment.

“The newer, sharper pieces on the beach are certainly a potential hazard,” he said.

“Each day I thought I’d cleaned up but you come back the next day and get the same handfuls of glass.

“This problem exists, I’ve walked around all these streets and the amount of garbage around town is phenomenal, in the mangroves, everywhere.”

“There’s even a sign into Town Beach which says ‘please don’t litter’, but it doesn’t seem to have a huge impact.”

“If we are going to trash our beach with glass, then obviously we are going to trash it with other products which are more toxic to the environment.”

Broome Visitor Centre operations manager Mel Virgo said the BVC had previously received complaints about littering in town but current clean-ups appeared successful.

“We haven’t we had a complaint like that for a while,” she said.

“In fact, I have noticed the Shire is doing a clean-up around town.”

The Shire employs a full-time clean-up crew with four staff members to empty public bins and pick up rubbish around town each day, including Town Beach, Male Oval and other parks, ovals and verges.

The crew empty the bins at Town Beach and replace bin liners, pick up any obvious rubbish each day and respond to specific incidents.

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