Jobs, safety, education vows made

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One of these candidates will become the Kimberley member this weekend.
Camera IconOne of these candidates will become the Kimberley member this weekend. Credit: The Kimberley Echo

Labor: Josie Farrer

Jobs: After eight years of the Liberals and Nationals, WA has the highest rate of unemployment in the country. Our plan will see local people get local contracts. We will invest $20 million into the indigenous rangers program to look after our parks and indigenous areas.

Broome boat ramps: WA Labor is committed to revitalising the boat ramps in Broome that have been neglected by the Liberals and Nationals. This will increase tourism to Broome and has flow on effects to local businesses.

Tourism: WA Labor will invest $425 million over five years to showcase the amazing tourism opportunities throughout the State including those in the Kimberley.

We will also hold a Parliamentary inquiry into regional airfares to ensure that regional pricing accurately reflects the cost of providing the service.

WA Labor will subsidise a 12-month trial of return flights between Perth and Derby to assess the demand for an ongoing and regular service.

Education: Invest $20 million to support improving the facilities at Broome Senior High school and hire an additional 300 education officers across the State. We will also bring an extra 50 AIEOs to regional schools in WA.

Health: We will bring the Earbus service to the Kimberley to provide the vital screening service to our kids, as well as create MediHotels to ensure patients who are required to travel to Perth for extended treatment are able to stay in comfortable and appropriate accommodation.

We will also establish a specialised drug rehab centre in Broome to assist local people suffering with drug addiction.

Liberals: Warren Greatorex

Suicide prevention: Provide a grassroots approach, to suicide prevention including improvements in mental health services.

Law and order: Provide a taskforce approach to law and order reform.

Roads: Co-ordinate State and Federal funding for the sealing of major Kimberley access roads.

Broome marina: Advocate for the Broome marina.

Community consultation: Ensure each Kimberley community is listened to and engaged through proper community consultation including the cutting of red tape to our growing aquaculture, agriculture and pastoral industries.

Nationals: Rob Houston

Special lease agreements: With BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto set to make more than $100 billion profit in the next four years from their Pilbara iron ore mines, we want to update the special production rental in their State Agreements to stabilise the Budget, abolish payroll tax for small and medium businesses and strengthen and diversify the regional economy, through investments into agriculture and tourism.

Regional aviation fund: We’ve committed $125 million to a Regional Aviation Affordability Fund, which will make flights to and from the Kimberley much cheaper and improve connectivity.

Patient Assisted Travel Scheme: We’ll invest $52 million into PATS to revise eligibility requirements, expand the scheme, and ensure all Kimberley residents can access specialist health services.

Safer communities and youth: With local crime on the rise and the only two options for young offenders “jail or bail”, we will change the Young Offenders Act, push for the establishment of a bush-based facility to help change the behaviour of those young offenders, and invest $6.5 million into fund to support more activities, infrastructure and programs for youth.

Royalties for Regions: Since 2008, The Nationals WA’s flagship program Royalties for Regionshas invested $6.1 billion back into regional WA supporting more than 3600 individual projects with just under $1 billion has been being invested into the Kimberley. Funding is vital for projects like the Broome boat facility, sealing the Tanami Road, the Country Aged Pension Fuel Card and other programs.

Greens: Liz Vaughan

Indigenous Ranger program: Fifteen-year long-term contracts for the Indigenous Ranger program, a minimum of 212 new ranger positions created Statewide, and a promise that all new conservation proposals will include Indigenous Protected Areas and management plans with rangers.

Investment in local industries: Investment into sustainable, local industries, such as bush food, renewable energy and tourism for the region to promote future prosperity in line with Kimberley values.

Renewable energy: 100 per cent renewable energy in the Kimberley by 2030 through a reduction in take-or-pay gas contracts with Horizon Power and installation of new technology allowing flexibility in our grids and greater uptake of rooftop solar.

Drugs and crime: A new approach to drugs and crime focusing on harm reduction, rehabilitation, and breaking the cycle of crime early so that police have more time to catch traffickers.

Kimberley protection: Creation of a world-class marine park including Buccaneer Archipelago and Adele Island and expand existing conservation reserves to include places like the Fitzroy River system.

One Nation: Keith Wright

Law and order: Pressure any Government to arrive at meaningful solutions to the terrible law and order situation in the State in general but the Kimberley in particular by undertaking a series of public consultation community meetings involving all facets of the community.

Telecommunications: Suggest and support the Government to set up a new telecommunication company to deal exclusively with electronic communications in areas of the State that are outside of the metropolitan area.

Local government: The entire situation involved in local government in the Kimberley must be examined and restructured so the current situation where local governments appear out of touch with the community must in some way be changed to more closely relate to their communities whether by rewriting sections of the Local Government Act or by consultation.

Environment: I will pursue with determination any Government to take more account of the beautiful Kimberley environment by way of better total fire management that is currently gradually destroying natural environment and is currently utilising modern technical methods rather than the old traditional methods leading to this massive destruction.

Land tenure: Continually pressure Government to arrive at an equitable solution to the land tenure question which is currently hampering any expansion in the agricultural and pastoral industry.

Independent: Kai Jones

I promise to act with honesty, transparency, purpose and integrity to fulfil my objectives on behalf of our community who have provided me the privilege of being their proudly elected representative, to enact policies which leave a legacy that we can all be proud of for many generations.

I will act on Bills and associated items in Parliament in accordance with my objectives and on behalf of well founded, sound judgement of the voice of our community. I don’t have a party line to toe. I work for the people – every vote is a conscience vote.

Independent: Graham Chapman

Crime: Help reduce alcohol consumption, domestic violence and our high crime rate in the Kimberley that is affecting every sector in our community.

Local businesses: Work with the Government to reduce the taxable income rate for small businesses and give Kimberley businesses first preference to new projects.

Broome marina: Help build a marina and provide a safer place for our boating community.

Education: Improve our school attendance rate and upgrade our ageing schools.

Mining, industry and infrastructure: Work towards the best interests, in relation to mining, industry and infrastructure to benefit the Kimberley community.

Flux Party: Ryan Albrey

I make only one promise to the people of the Kimberley: I will make no decisions on your behalf.

If I am elected, to parliament you will download an app for your smartphone and I will download the same app for my smartphone.

On every single Bill that comes before Parliament, on every single decision that an MP would normally be required to make, you will use this app to instruct me on exactly what you want me to do, and I will do it.

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