Balls to the Wall emerge as top in competition after another stunning win over the Pirates in round five

Cain AndrewsBroome Advertiser
Freestylers' James Stacey. Carly Laden
Camera IconFreestylers' James Stacey. Carly Laden Credit: Broome Advertiser

The Pirates suffered another devastating loss to the top team in Broome’s floorball competition down at the Broome Recreation and Aquatic Centre on February 21 after claiming their first win of the season last round.

Balls to the Wall dominated the play right from the starting siren, with the side controlling the court and breaking through the Pirates defence with ease.

The Pirates fought back with all they had but it wasn’t enough to hold back Balls to the Wall who continued to make easy goals to take home the biggest win of round four, 14 to 3.

Fill in Fury also took home a solid win over Stick it In but it wasn’t without a fight.

Despite Fill in Fury leading on the scoreboard for most of the match Stick it In refused to let up, keeping Fill in Fury on their toes and making them fight for every score, 12 to 9.

Then the Freestylers claimed an easy win over Fearless and Floorless.

Coming off the back of a win last round the Freestylers burst onto the court with fury and got off to an early lead while Fearless and Floorless tried to hold the line after coming off of four straight losses in a row.

But the Freestylers, who are tied for the second most wins in the competition so far, easily rolled over Fearless and Floorless to take home their third win of the season, 8 to 1.

The Freestylers and Fill in Fury, who are both tied in second place, will go head to head in round five to see who will hold the second rung on the ladder and who will drop to third place in a match that is sure to be a nailbiter.

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